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Dr Reba Haley is a therapist, author, life coach and ordained minister. She  is the author of  the Covenant Connection Your Best Marriage Now. In 2015 she released " I Only Have Eyes For You,  A Guide to Perfecting Your Relationship. According to the Health Statistical report  the divorce rate for first marriages is 50% and 60% for second marriages. Poor communication is cited causes for marital and relationship breakups.
The book is written  to help single men and women select, attract and  find the right mate. Married couples create new emotional love  and develop problem solving skills. Remarried couples  and step parents learn how to achieve a harmonious blended family. The Bible scriptures help couples understand how spirituality and faith can deepen their connection.  The book contains techniques and strategies to improve relationships and help couples have a singleness of heart and eyes for one another. 

Dr. Reba Haley possesses a Doctorate in Counseling, Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Science degree in Addiction Counseling.  She has extensive academic studies in Marriage  and Family Therapy. Dr. Reba Haley is the author of " I Only Have Eyes for You.". The recently released book helps single men and women find the right mate, married couples create new emotional love and remarried couples achieve a harmonious blended family. The book can be purchased on Amazon or where ever books are sold.  

Reba Haley's  father was an alcoholic and her parents divorced when she was 12 years old. She became an addiction and marriage and family therapist to help couples and families.  She believes your relationships matter. and provides psychotherapy to individuals with substance abuse and mental health diagnoses. In couples therapy couples learn new effective ways to communicate solve old problems. Dr Reba is a ordained minister and believes all things are possible to them that believe. God is with you and you can overcome all things with God.   

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If you are married a want to transform  your marriage. The Covenant Connection Your Best Marriage offers methods and techniques to improve closeness

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