Dr Reba

Reba is a native of Detroit and grew up in a home with alcoholism, mental illness, and parental absence. She grew up with a cluster of adverse childhood experiences such as; truancy, juvenile detention and foster care. At the age of 25 she received her call to ministry and was ordained. Growing up she made helping people overcome addiction and relationship challenges her life's mission.

Reba uncovered her life's purpose and discovered the power that lies within and teaches what she has learned.  Dr. Reba Haley possesses a doctorate in counseling, master’s degree in psychology and addiction counseling. She spends most of her time now counseling, training and conducting a series of community forums. Reba feels one of her greatest accomplishment is working to end hunger and poverty in America. She feeds the homeless and community residents weekly through Covenant Family Church.  She distributes 1,000 pounds of groceries weekly to women and children and families

 She is a therapist, educator, author, life coach, and realtor and business owner that is committed to helping people have healthy relationships and lives. She is the author of  the Covenant Connection Your Best Marriage Now. In 2015 she released " I Only Have Eyes For You”,  A Guide to Perfecting Your Relationship. She authored a children book, Alphabet Hop, an early learning book for Pre-_K – Kindergarten children. She authored several training manuals on leadership development and customer service in hospitality and healthcare. She travels and conducts workshops, courses, seminars and training on customized topics for client.


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